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For a current CV (pdf), please click here.


I’m Hannah, a final year PhD student at the University of Leeds. My background is in environmental science, and I now work in renewable energy. My particular professional and research interests are energy policy, diffusion of innovations and science communication.


My thesis is a whole-system investigation of microgeneration* in new homes: why it’s important, what’s holding it back, and how different deployment models can benefit different people. I’m a member of the Technologies for a Low Carbon Future doctoral training centre  at Leeds, which specialises in interdisciplinary working and funds students from  a wide range of backgrounds including maths, engineering, environmental sciences and geography.

*Microgeneration is the small scale generation of heat or electricity from renewable sources: think solar panels, mini wind turbines and heat pumps.


I’m currently spending three months as a research fellow with the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST), which provides impartial information to MPs, peers and the general public on public policy issues relating to science and technology. I’m researching and writing a POSTnote on technologies for surveillance of internet communications, due for publication in early May 2013.

Outside work

One of the things I love to do most is scuba dive. I’m the treasurer of Leeds University’s dive club, and several weekends a year I can be found donning a drysuit and plunging into the lakes or coastal waters of the UK. Sometimes I even make it abroad for some more exotic diving, though you’d be surprised at how much there is to see in domestic waters. I also love running – I did my first half marathon in 2012, and I’m training for three 10K races in 2013, aiming for a sub 60 minute time by the last one. I love to cook (and eat!) delicious vegetarian food, and I eat vegan when I’m cooking for myself. Check out Hannah Eats Vegan if you’d like to see what I get up to in the kitchen. And finally, I’m an avid reader: I can’t function unless I’ve got a book on the go – mostly fiction, but in a pinch anything will do!

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