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March 7, 2013 / Hannah

My week in factoids


The number of active Facebook users worldwide rose from 1 million in 2004 to 1.06 billion in 2012

The biggest jump proportionally was between 2004 and 2005 – from 1 million to 5.5 million.

The biggest absolute jump was between 2009 and 2010 – from 350 million to 608 million.



74.2% of UK residents go online at least once a month…

Adults in Scotland are the UK’s most dedicated home internet users, clocking up an average of 10.6 hours a week.


 …although 11% of  UK residents have never used the internet.

This surprised me at first, before I remembered that my own grandmother has never used the internet and doesn’t intend to start. Go On UK would like to change this however, with their work to end ‘digital exclusion’.


The volume of mobile data transferred over UK networks increased by 4000% between 2007 and 2010

That’s not a typo.

Huge increases in mobile internet use (amongst other things) have lead to a deficit in the number of IP addresses available for mobiles. This is currently dealt with using dynamic IP allocation and sharing, usually a system known as carrier-grade NAT. IP version 6 (IPv6), a new system of IP address allocation slated to roll out later this decade, will solve this problem by making a much larger number of IP addresses available.


AUSCANNZUKUS isn’t an ancient curse…

…even if it sounds a bit like one. It’s a very long acronym, standing for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, and refers to a naval command, control, communications and computers interoperability programme involving these countries. It’s also known as ‘Five Eyes’ in the UK and US.


It is NOT illegal to die in the Palace of Westminster.

I was told during an informal tour of Parliament that anyone perishing on the premises was entitled to a state funeral, and that dying in the Palace is therefore prohibited. I thought this would make a great little titbit to include here, but sadly this  common myth appears to have been debunked.




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